AIB Labs facilities are committed to working towards the following objectives:

  • Providing open access to academia and industry
  • Promoting and co-ordinating services to the bioscience community
  • Implementing relevant quality standards and accreditation
  • Introducing commercial principles for service delivery
  • Developing financially viable service facilities



AIB Labs facilities must also agree to the following conditions:

    The facility must be listed on the AIB Labs website, at www.AIBLabs.org.au.
    The facility is expected to participate in the Facility Managers Mentoring Program (FMMP), an educational program run by AIB Labs to assist facilities to become self-sustainable.
    The facility must use the AIB Labs branding in all its promotional activities, including but not limited to its website, brochures, flyers and any other marketing material.  The facility must also display AIB Labs signage at the entrance to the facility.
    The facility must provide an annual progress report for as long as the facility is part of AIB Labs.
    The facility must subscribe to the objectives of AIB Labs.



The AIB Labs concept was devised in late 2002 from discussions between TechInSA, the State’s three universities and other key research institutes. The network was created soon after with five facilities supported by $400,000 of seed funding for technical staff at each facility.

A project manager was appointed in March 2003 and AIB Labs was officially launched on 18 September 2003 by Hon Jane Lomax-Smith.

The Facility Managers Mentoring Program (FMMP) launched in March 2005. The FMMP is a professional development program which delivers training for facility managers with a particular focus on non-scientific skills. Also at this time a QA/GLP Manager was employed to help AIB Labs facilities implement commercial quality standards.

The future of AIB Labs was secured in August 2010 when the three South Australian universities agreed to a matching funding agreement with TechInSA.

The 10 year anniversary of AIB Labs was celebrated on 27 September 2012 with a function entitled “A Decade Of Achievement”, held at The Precinct Conference Centre at Thebarton, and attended by Hon Tom Kenyon.

AIB Labs currently includes 21 facilities. These facilities house approximately $143 million worth of equipment, employ a total of 116 staff and earn in excess of $8.5 million in annual revenue.