The Adelaide Research Assay Facility provides specialised, high-throughput and high-sensitivity assays for biological analytes.

We can provide services and consultation for academic and commercial clients who require specialised measurements of analytes in human or animal biological fluids or cell culture / tissue extracts.

The services we offer cover broad research areas including but not restricted to endocrinology, neuroscience, physiology, immunology, pathology and cancer.


Products and services

Analysis of analytes by conventional RIA (double antibody and coated tube), ELISA or xMAP technology (Luminex), in cell culture / tissue extracts, plasma, urine, saliva, and culture media.

We can perform commercially available assays for clients lacking the appropriate facilities or experienced staff to perform them on their own, and we also offer a range of unique and validated in-house assays for challenging analytes such as melatonin and IGF’s.

We also offer consultation and development services for assisting clients in choosing an appropriate existing assay or developing new assays for their analytes.


Type Manufacturer Model Technical Specifications
Multiplexed Analyte Reader Luminex 100 XMap Microsphere based multiplexed assays – up to 100 analytes per well on a 96 well microtiter plate
Chemistry Analyser Cobas Integra 400 Plus High throughput, over 100 available analytes
Micro Plate Reader BioTek Synergy H1 High throughput reader for ELISA based assays
Gamma Counter Perkin Elmer Wizard2 2470 High throughput gamma counter for RIA analysis
Name Description
Hitachi Chemistry Analyser Assay of plasma/serum glucose, NEFA, triglycerides, cholesterol, and other metabolic analytes
Luminex Multiplex Analyte Analysis Multiplexed ELISAs of proteins (hormones, cytokines etc)
ELISA Analysis utilising ELISA based commercial assays
RadioImmunoassay Services Analysis of analytes by conventional RIA (double antibody and coated tube). Commercial kit assays or custom designed in-house assays available


Mr Mark Salkeld

Facility Manager


The University of Adelaide
The Robinson Research Institute, School of Paediatrics and Reproductive Health
Medical School North building
Frome Rd
Adelaide SA 5000