Flinders Microscopy offers a wide range of advanced research microscopes and imaging facilities for optical, electron, scanning and atomic force microscopy. Expert support, training and advice is available at our open-access facility, located at Flinders University.


Products and services

The Optical & Biomedical section microscopy resources include confocal microscopy with FCS capability, extended live cell imaging, fluorescence and bright field microscopy. Additionally embedding and sectioning instrumentation is available for paraffin, frozen or polyethyleneglycol samples. Colorimetric stains such as H&E are available, as is fluorescence multiple-labelling immunohistochemistry expertise.

Contact: Yvette DeGraaf, +61 8 8204 4858,

The Electron Microscopy section includes scanning and transmission EM instruments. Sample preparation facilities include sputter coating for both metallic and carbon films.

Contact: Ashley Slattery, +61 8 8201 2651,

The Scanning Probe section comprises a suite of instruments which includes Atomic Force, Confocal Raman, tip-enhanced Raman, Scanning Tunnelling and Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy.

Contact: Christopher Gibson, +61 8 8201 2651,


Type Manufacturer Model Technical Specifications
Imaging and Scanning
Confocal Microscope with FCS capabilities Leica TCS SP5 Inverted spectral scanning confocal microscope with 8 laser lines, 5 fully tunable PMT detectors, additionally equipped with resonant scanner, single photon sensitive detectors and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy capability.
Confocal Microscope Olympus FV1000 Inverted scanning confocal microscope with 4 laser lines and 3 detectors, housed on a gas-floated anti-vibration table, and includes a temperature controlled environmental chamber for medium- to long-term live cell experiments.
Confocal Microscope Biorad MRC 1024 Upright scanning confocal microscope with 3 laser lines and 3 detectors
Fluorescence Microscope Olympus AX70 Upright fluorescence microscope with 4 narrow band filter sets for UV, blue, green or red excitation, differential interference contrast imaging and a Hamamatsu Orca cooled CCD camera and MicroManager software for digital image acquisition.
Fluorescence Microscope Olympus BX50 Upright fluorescence microscope with 4 filter sets for UV, blue, green or red excitation and a Photometrics CoolSNAP cooled CCD camera and MicroManager software for digital image acquisition..
Fluorescence & Contrast Microscope Olympus IX71 Inverted microscope for fluorescence or contrast imaging, fitted with 4 filter sets for UV, blue, green or red excitation, Hoffmann contrast optics, Phase contrast optics and a F-View CCD camera and AnalySIS Lite software for digital image acquisition.
Fluorescence Microscope Life Technologies EVOS FL Inverted/Upright microscope for fluorescence or simple phase contrast imaging, including modules for quick transfection efficiency check. Four filter sets available for blue, green, orange or red excitation, includes a Sony ICX445 monochrome CCD
Brightfield Microscope Olympus BX50 Upright brightfield microscope with a Micropublisher CCD colour camera and Q-Imaging software for digital image acquisition.
Dissecting Microscope Olympus SZX10 Dissecting microscope with adjustable dual fibre optic light source with Olympus DP20 colour camera for digital image acquisition.
TEM JEOL 1200EX Research grade transmission electron microscope ideal for examine of biological materials, but also suitable for a wide variety of other specimens. Fitted with high resolution MegaView III Digital Imaging System. (**October 2015 – this instrument is currently unavailable during a relocation, contact the facility for more information)
SEM FEI Inspect F50 High resolution FEG SEM with backscatter, EDS detector and GSR system
SEM CAMScan MX2500 Standard resolution SEM with backscatter, EDS detector, GSR system and large sample chamber.
SEM FEI Phenom Benchtop SEM
Sputter Coater Quorumtech K757X Single target sputter coater for EM sample preparation.
Dual Target Sputter Coater Quorumtech Q300T-D Dual target sputter coater for sequential film deposition.
TERS Nanonics   Nanonics AFM-Raman system capable of TERS, co-localised and individual AFM-Raman and a variety of other measurements including SNOM.
AFM/STM NT-MDT Ntegra SPM system for AFM and STM measurements.
Dip-pen nanolithography system Nanoink NLP 2000 Desktop dip-pen nanolithography system capable of patterning materials from solution including biological molecules, nanoparticles and small molecules on various substrates. Features can be patterned from 10 micron to less than 100nm, and environmental control for stable patterning is available.
Plasma cleaner Plasma Etch PE-25 Plasma chamber for cleaning/etching/functionalising depending on the process gas used. Chamber dimensions are 8” deep by 5” round.
Witec Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope with Confocal Raman/AFM/SNOM Witec Alpha 300 RS By simply rotating the objective turret, the user can choose from among Confocal Microscopy, SNOM or AFM. This is the only instrument of its type in Australia.
Multimode 8 AFM Bruker   Multimode atomic force microscope for standard imaging, operation in fluid, and PeakForce QNM mechanical property mapping.
Multimode 8 AFM Bruker   Multimode atomic force microscope with PeakForce TUNA conductivity mapping capability.
Dimension FastScan/Icon Bruker   Bruker dimension AFM with Icon scanner for standard imaging and Fastscan scanner for high-speed AFM.
Sample Preparation & Staining
Cryostat Leica CM1800 & CM1850 Cryostats (3) available for frozen tissue sectioning using TissueTek OCT as the embedding medium.
Microtome Reichert Jung 2040 Microtome suitable for sectioning of paraffin embedded tissue blocks. A Fisher backlit water bath is also part of this system.
Microtome American Optical   Rotary microtomes available for polyethylene glycol (PEG) or other embedded tissue sectioning.
Paraffin Embedding Centre Tissue Tek Tissue TekII Paraffin embedding centre available for embedding of research specimens. Includes heated vacuum chamber and uses Paraplast wax.
H&E Staining Bench     Haematoxylin and Eosin staining capabilities including dewaxing of paraffin sections using xylene baths within the fume hood. Mounting of H&E stained paraffin sections with Depex mountant.
Immunohistochemistry Set-up Bench     Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry set-up bench available including Olympus dissecting microscopes for handling very small tissue sections (either free-floating or slide mounted), humid boxes for incubation and coverslip mounting capabilities. A range of antibodies (primary and secondary) available to purchase per aliquot.


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