The Gene Silencing and Expression Facility (GSEx) facilitates gene manipulation and transfer technology using viral and non-viral platforms. We offer a wide range of custom services and also provide expert consultation for research projects involving gene silencing and overexpression.

GSEx is a fully appointed, dedicated PC2 lab able to generate and validate multiple vector platforms. The facility is run with the aim of furthering research and collaboration within and external to the University of Adelaide, with our services available to both academic and commercial clients.


Products and services

Viral Vectors

We currently offer viral vector production for VSV-G pseudotyped Lentivirus, Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and MMLV retrovirus. In the future we will also provide Adenovirus. Custom viruses produced from customer plasmids are available in a choice of scales and purities depending on final use and client requirements. We also offer several commonly used control viruses as stocks, available for purchase by the microliter.

Genome Editing

We are in the process of developing genome editing systems, based on TALEN and CRISPR technologies. Using these platforms, we aim to provide researchers with a simple and fast service to assist with modifying their gene of interest in situ.

Cloning and Vector Design

GSEx can perform routine plasmid cloning and construction for labs without this capability. We are also able to provide consultation on novel vector design to optimise virus titre and performance.


GSEx is equipped with everything required for viral vector production and titre assessment.

We are a certified PC2 laboratory, and can therefore provide validation of vectors in any cell line provided by the customer.

This service allows groups without access to a PC2 laboratory to move forward with their research in compliance with OGTR Biosafety regulations.

At present, GSEx can produce AAV, Lentivirus and retrovirus usually within one week, with optional virus titre assessment requiring a further four business days.

Completion times may take longer at busy periods.We offer virus titering by fluorescent cell counting, QPCR and drug selection.

Stock viruses will be available for purchase off the shelf, with our catalogue available online and continuously updated.

Viral vector production services are fixed price quoted in advance, and depend on the requirements of the customer.

Consultation on viral vector design and cloning for plasmid construction is available on a custom basis.


 Jason Gummow

Facility Manager


The University of Adelaide
Medical School South Building (S206)
Frome Rd
Adelaide SA 5005