GeneWorks provides local advanced manufacturing of synthetic DNA (custom oligonucleotides) and a range of Genetic Analysis Services to academic and commercial clients in Australia and beyond.  Based in Tech Hub, Thebarton, GeneWorks is the only fully Australian commercial DNA manufacturer in Australia.

Our core competency in molecular biology drives an expanding range of Genetic Analysis Services and bespoke service development.

GeneWorks is an ISO 9001-certified organisation and an Agena Bioscience Certified Service Provider.


Products and services

Genetic Analysis Services, including:

  • SNP genotyping by MassARRAY including assay design
  • SNP genotyping by KASP assay
  • Custom gene expression analysis by qPCR
  • Development and validation of custom assays
  • Sample preparation

Manufacture of synthetic DNA, including:

  • DNA primers
  • DNA probes including dual-labelled fluorescent probes
  • Speciality modifications
  • Custom formats and assay ready formulations
  • QC of oligonucleotides by MALDI-TOF and OligoCheck software


Type Manufacturer Model Technical Specifications
MALDI-TOF DNA analysis system (MassARRAY Analyzer 4) Agena Bioscience MassARRAY Analyzer 4 system – 384 format Consists of MassARRAY Analyzer 4, RS1000 Nanodispenser.
Non-contact liquid dispenser Innovadyne Nanodrop II Non-contact liquid handling for 96, 384 and 1536 format plates (0.1 – 40 uL dispense)
Thermal cyclers Bioer, Bio-Rad Various 96/384 well format cyclers for precision PCR at low volume. 96 well format, 4-colour real time detection
DNA and RNA analyser Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 Quantification and analysis of RNA and DNA
Isothermal amplification (LAMP) OptiGene Genie III LAMP based portable instrument for eg pathogen detection
DNA synthesis platforms Applied Biosystems, GeneMachines, BioAutomation ABI 394, ABI 3900, MerMade192 and various others Range of systems optimised for different synthesis scales, throughput and ability to make and purify modified/labelled DNA
Name Description
MassARRAY SNP genotyping Primer extension based multiplexed SNP and INDEL analysis. Free assay design service available. For analysis of genetic variation and mutations in animals, plants and microbes. Pre-designed assays available for ADME, cancer and other diseases.
SNP genotyping by KASP Single plex SNP assays using KASP chemistry from LGC Genomics
Gene expression analysis Development and validation of custom qPCR based assays for miRNA, mRNA and other DNA and RNA targets.
Pathogen detection by isothermal amplification Pre-designed LAMP-based assays for plant and animal pathogens, suitable for field use
Sample preparation RNA and DNA extraction and purification from a wide range of sample types
Custom DNA synthesis Manufacture, purification of DNA primers, DNA probes including dual-labelled fluorescent probes and speciality modifications. QC of oligonucleotides by MALDI-TOF and OligoCheck software. Custom formats and assay ready formulations by arrangement.



 Sean McDonald

Service Manager


28 Dalgleish Street
Thebarton SA 5031