AIB Labs Research Infrastructure Fund (RIF)

The Research Infrastructure Fund (RIF) is a grant program designed to facilitate the  establishment of research service facilities/organisations to serve the needs of the bioscience research community.

Individual RIF grants distributed from the available funding pool will be composed of a contribution from TechInSA, and a matching contribution from either one or more of the University of Adelaide and/or the University of South Australia and/or Flinders University and/or another third party.


Facility Managers Mentoring Program (FMMP) Subsidy Scheme

The Facility Managers Mentoring Program (FMMP) provides a range of sessions designed to meet the training and development needs of AIB Labs facility managers. There will, however, be occasions where it is more appropriate, or necessary, for facility managers to attend courses or workshops external to the FMMP.

The FMMP Subsidy Scheme has been devised to assist facility managers to participate in such external activities. The aim of the scheme is to provide assistance for registration to courses and workshops that are relevant to a person’s role as an AIB Labs facility manager.