The Research Infrastructure Fund (RIF) is a grant program designed to facilitate the  establishment of research service facilities/organisations to serve the needs of the bioscience research community.

Individual RIF grants awarded from the available funding pool must be matched by an equal contribution from either one or more of the University of Adelaide and/or the University of South Australia and/or Flinders University and/or another third party.



Applicants must be an existing AIB Labs facility, or a South Australian research or service organisation engaged in the bioscience field that is willing to become an AIB Labs facility.


RIF Program Objectives

Facilities that receive RIF grants must be committed to working towards the following objectives:

  • Providing general access to major bioscience equipment or specific technologies in high demand by SA researchers;
  • Promoting and coordinating services essential to the SA bioscience community;
  • Implementing relevant quality standards and accreditation;
  • Working towards commercial principles for service delivery;
  • Developing a financially viable service facility.

The RIF program will consider proposals from within the broad area of biosciences, but preference may be given to those proposals with a strong biotechnology focus.


Merit Criteria

The aim of the Research Infrastructure Fund is to assist in improving the quantity and  quality of research output for the State, thereby enhancing commercialisation opportunities. Applications for grants will be assessed according to the following merit criteria:

  • The extent to which collaborative research in the field of bioscience between research institutions and facilities in South Australia is pursued;
  • Readiness to locate new equipment within South Australia to strategically support core research competencies, and to increase access across the whole bioscience community;
  • Willingness to increase availability of suitable technical resources to operate and maintain major equipment infrastructure and core technologies;
  • Willingness to support the development of accreditation, good laboratory practice (GLP) protocols or other suitable national/international quality standards within the facility;
  • Readiness to provide the South Australian bioscience research community and industry access to the facility and research capabilities through contract work arrangements;
  • The existence and feasibility of planning for the long term viability of the equipment and services beyond the period of RIF grant support;
  • The extent to which further funding from other sources can be leveraged.


How To Apply For A RIF Grant 

The timing of each funding round and amount of funds available is determined by the AIB Labs Steering Committee.

Notification of a call for RIF grant applications will be posted on this website and also distributed via TechInSA’s communications and marketing channels.