SAHMRI Preclinical, Imaging and Research Laboratories

$20,000 grant awarded in 2016

Refurbished clinical Ultrasound unit with probes and software.

Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF)

$20,000 grant awarded in 2016

Contribution to the purchase of an illumina MiniSeq platform.

ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility

$12,500 grant awarded in 2016

Delivery, installation and training users of a digital droplet PCR system

Adelaide Microscopy

$9,000 grant awarded in 2016

Contribution towards a University of Adelaide Infrastructure scheme grant for a Thermo Fisher Arrayscan XTI high content automated confocal image analyser (cost: $500,000).

Adelaide Biofilm Test Facility

$12,500 grant awarded in 2016

2 Incubators, Thermofisher imaging system and contribution to 0.3 FTE.