South Australia’s Multi-Scale Fermentation Facility is one of the most comprehensive and flexible facilities of its kind in the world. Its technology has been custom built with a high degree of automation for process reliability, cost-effectiveness and ultimately more robust research outcomes.


Products and services

The core expertise provided by the facility is the fermentation of microbial (yeast and bacteria) cultures for a range of applications. It offers an effective and flexible system for modelling industrial fermentations, especially for the fermented beverage industry.

High throughput and low volume, the facility provides cost-effective bio fermentation services. Its ability to handle small volumes, as low as 1 millilitre, and scale up to large volumes as high as 700 litres, is unique in Australia and worldwide.



TEE-BOT high throughput small scale fermentation robot

This machine is able to assist monitoring of the fermentation progress by autonomously collecting and cold-storing samples for further analysis.

The Tee-Bot is a highly efficient tool for users who need to run fermentation experiments. 96 flasks of ~100 mL volume can be simultaneously monitored while maintaining temperature and agitation at user defined levels.

The Tee-Bot has been specifically designed for wine fermentations, but it can be easily adapted for other fermentation media.


Dr Tommaso Watson

Facility Manager


Wine Innovation Cluster
Level 3 Central Building
The University of Adelaide
Waite Campus
Urrbrae SA 5064