The Plant Accelerator® is a cutting edge plant phenotyping facility located at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus. As a node of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF), The Plant Accelerator® offers modern plant growth environments and state-of-the-art high-throughput automated imaging and computing technologies to monitor the performance of plants under different environmental conditions (e.g. which genotype performs best under drought stress).

The facility offers professional consultation on plant phenomics and experimental design, backed by dedicated bioinformatics support with data management and analysis.


Type Technical Specifications
Agricultural Science
plant phenotyping
(LemnaTec Scanalyzer)
  • Visible light images (RGB) allow the measurement of shoot area and inferred mass, plant height and width, canopy density, other morphometric data, leaf colour and senescence.
  • Steady-state fluorescence imaging with blue light large field excitation (
  • Programmable watering to weight of plants to enable large scale experiments requiring controlled watering levels.
Greenhouses Four fully automated greenhouses (‘Smarthouses’) fitted with conveyor systems and programmable watering stations (total capacity of 2,400 plants max) 34 modern high-quality greenhouses including quarantine and GM approved facilities.
DroughtSpotter Platform DroughtSpotter is a gravimetric platform with precision irrigation to assess transpiration dynamics of plants with a precision of up to 1g.
Plant Growth
Environmental control growth rooms and chambers.


 Helli Meinecke

Business Manager


University of Adelaide
Waite Campus
Hartley Grove
Urrbrae SA 5064